Who Wore it Better?: Chanyeol vs Key

20150407_kfashionista_cychoiThe latest Kfashionista poll is pitting two stars from SM Entertainment against each other! One is SHINee‘s resident fashionista Key, while the other is Chanyeol, a member of the company’s currently trending group EXO! The item in question is a pink Stone.Water.Piano sweatshirt from the Korean label Cy Choi. The item is from the Fall/Winter 2014 collection and also came in grey or black.

Key was seen wearing this shirt over a white turtleneck for his pictorial in MAPS magazine. He posed in what appears to be a bathroom stall plastered in posters. Key is also wearing the matching pants and they are unzipped, which is somewhat fitting when the setting is considered? His icy-blue contacts are the attention grabbers of the ensemble.


Chanyeol wore the same top while acting as MC for the Music Bank in Hanoi concert on March 28. For his hosting duties, Chanyeol wore the sweatshirt over a white dress shirt along with a pair of black trousers. However, at one point in the show he switched from MC to DJ — at that point he added a white track jacket, black sunglasses and a pair of headphones around his neck to complete the transformation.

20150407_kfashionista_exo_chanyeol 20150407_kfashionista_exo_chanyeol2

So, who wore it better?


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  • nickyblver

    i like both

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