EXO’s Suho & Chanyeol “Call Me Baby” in Hysteric Glamour


In EXO‘s new “Call Me Baby” MVs, the members can be seen wearing a many different brands of clothing throughout both the Korean and Chinese versions. They have definitely favored Japanese labels such as Comme Des Garcons, Phenomenon, and Undercover. Chanyeol and Suho are adding another Japanese brand to the list! Both of them can be seen wearing t-shirts from Hysteric Glamour. Suho is in a ‘Skateboard Girl’ Tee ($79) and Chanyeol is in a ‘Your 15Min’ style from the Andy Warhol by Hysteric Glamour collection ($97).

20150406_kfashionista_andywarhol_hystericglamour 20150406_kfashionista_hystericglamour

(SM Entertainment)


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