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With EXO‘s “Call Me Baby” comeback, fans are also treated with the group’s second full album EXODUS. True to SM Entertainment form, the physical album was released in 1o different versions, one for each member of EXO! For one of the shots in Kai‘s album jacket shoot, he can be seen wearing an ensemble that also appears in the “Call Me Baby” MV. The rolled up jeans and sleeves of his button-down shirt makes him look like a character right out of Grease or The Outsiders while he’s leaning against a classic car. Since the photo is in black and white, it only adds to the vintage feel of Kai’s look. Speaking of vintage, Kai’s shirt is not new either! It is a Comme Des Garcons Star Wars Multi Print Shirt ($500) from the label’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection!


(SM Entertainment)


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