Baek Ji Young “My Ear’s Candy” Stage Style

20150406_kfashionista_baekjiyoung2 20150406_kfashionista_baekjiyoung3

The April 1 episode of Show Champion was a special episode to celebrate the 14th anniversary of MBC Plus Media, the parent company of MBC Music, the channel which airs this program. Special stages were included on this episode, one of which was Baek Ji Young and Kangnam collaborating on “My Ear’s Candy”. Baek Ji Young’s popular dance track from 2009 originally featured 2PM‘s Taecyeon, but the songstress has performed it with many other artists since. For this stage, the duo coordinated in black and white styles, with Baek Ji Young wearing a sequin top and wrap skirt from the KYE Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

20150406_kfashionista_baekjiyoung4 20150406_kfashionista_kye

(StarJN [1][2][3], KYE [1]) 


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