Baby-G S/S 2015 featuring Girls’ Generation

It is Summer time with Baby-G and Girls’ Generation! The worlwide famous resin watch brand has just released its new Summer campaign, featuring pictures of the girls in bathing suits. They are all wearing on their wrists the watches released during this Spring season. Baby-G, as usual, offers bright and sober-colored versions of every model, and you can follow the links to buy any of the ones seen on the advertisements. Casio, with this glamourous photoshoot, proves that any girl can go to the beach and still look flawless and stylish, just like SNSD!

20150406_kfashionista_girlsgeneration_tiffany 20150406_kfashionista_girlsgeneration_seohyun

Tiffany ($120), Seohyun ($120)

20150406_kfashionista_girlsgeneration_yuri 20150406_kfashionista_girlsgeneration_hyoyeon

Yuri ($120), Hyoyeon ($120)

20150406_kfashionista_girlsgeneration_sooyoung 20150406_kfashionista_girlsgeneration_sunny

Sooyoung ($120), Sunny ($120)

20150406_kfashionista_girlsgeneration_yoona 20150406_kfashionista_girlsgeneration_taeyeon

Yoona ($120), Taeyeon ($120)

Check out the gallery for more pictures of Baby-G’s latest campaign. It’s always time to play in Summer, so don’t forget your watch!

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