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SM rookie group Red Velvet made a comeback last month with the catchy single “Ice Cream Cake” which has now garnered several trophies on the weekly music programs. For the teasers, the members of Red Velvet can be seen wearing pastel-colored cropped sweatshirts that feature different military patches including one for the Skyblazers Aerial Demonstration team, COMCAR Airwing 15, USS Midway and Alaskan Command. It appears that these sweatshirts are likely custom made for the girls, because now SM Entertainment is selling similar shirts at the recently announced “Ice Cream Cake” pop-up store!


SM’s celebrity shop SUM is one part of the SMTOWN @ COEX Artium that is dubbed the “SMTOWN Theme Park in the City”! the Artium also has a theater where you can see the hologram musical “School of OZ”, a cafe with idol themed desserts and more! The SUM shop not only sells official artist merchandise, but also select brands of artist selected items, like PLAYNOMORE handbags. SM does a good job of incorporating items from SUM into music videos so that fans will want to buy the items seen on their favorite idols. A similar pop-up event was held for EXO‘s Boy Who Cried Wolf merchandise.


The patched sweatshirts aren’t the only “Ice Cream Cake” items available at Red Velvet’s pop-up event. The Ivy League Motif sweatshirts seen throughout the “Ice Cream Cake” MV are also for sale, as well as the striped socks worn during dance scenes. The pop-up store was announced via SUM’s official Instagram earlier this week. Too bad they don’t have an online shop for international fans!

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