Miss A’s “Only You” MV Style

After 1 year and 3 months of hiatus, Miss A is officially back to the music industry with their third mini album Colors! The group has released their title track “Only You” MV and immediately garner millions of views. The title track “Only You” has managed to snatch first place in various music charts in less than 48 hour release. In the MV, the girls are dressed in various outfits from all pink coordinates to street wears. Check out the details of the items they are wearing below!

20150402_kfashionista_missa_suzyAt the beginning of the MV, the ladies were getting dolled up in their apartment. Suzy has worn a pair of “Me” Silver Earrings ($87) from Korean accessories brand Monday Edition while doing her hair.

20150402_kfashionista_missaDuring a scene of the girls walking along the street, Min could be seen wearing a KKXX Bra Top ($40) from the popular Korean brand StyleNanda, pairing it with a bomber jacket and short. She accessorized the street wear look with a white snapback and a M Initial Necklace ($87) from Monday Edition.

Fei was wearing the Doll Up Stripes Tank ($150) and Skirt ($148) from another Korean brand 91,2. She could be seen wearing a pair of Silver Pointed Hologram Pumps ($138) from StyleNanda during a scene of her getting out of a car.

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(Miss A Official [1] JYPEntertainment [1]) 

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  • Jenny Chen

    wow thanks !!

  • catcat

    Hi. ^^ i’ve been looking for the exact clothes they wore in the group teasers. Do you know where I can find it? Thank you! And is Jia wearing a legit moschino barbie dress or just an imitation? Thanks again!

    • http://www.kfashionista.com/ Kfashionista

      I think that these may be custom stage costumes, but I’m not positive. I do think that Jia’s is an imitation of the Moschino barbie dress, judging by clips from the MV. It doesn’t look as high quality? Like the material just looks thinner imo…

      • Paradiso

        Thank you! :) Yeah, I’m sure now that Jia’s outfit is just an imitation as she’s been wearing it in different colors. Thanks again!

      • atrapforletrice

        Thank you for the info! Do you know what type of skirt Suzy wears in the group teasers might be? (the kind that appears to be a skirt but are really shorts) The style is so cute and I’d love to know what it’s called so I find one for myself :3

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  • xoexoxo

    Hello, do you know where we can get the shoes? The one that looks like ballet shoes ^^ Thanks

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