EXO’s “Call Me Baby” Headphones

Even though EXO released two versions of their “Call Me Baby” MV, the Korean and Chinese versions are very similar — especially when it comes to their opening scenes! In the Chinese version, Tao drives up in a red Ferrari and sports a pair of wireless headphones in the same hue. For the Korean version, we see Kai pull up in a white Lamborghini, and he also wears a pair of these headphones, but in a cerulean blue. These headphones are from Korean electronics giant Samsung and are so brand new you can’t even buy them yet!


They are latest model from Samsung’s premium audio brand Level and were recently debuted as an accessory for the soon-to-be-released Galaxy S6 smartphone. The ‘Level On’ wireless on-ear headphones connect directly to the phone via Bluetooth and even have smart touch navigation, which you see both Tao and Kai use at the beginning of the MV. The Samsung product placement continues later in the MV as well, when we see Blue-Black pairs draped on the necks of Chen and D.O and another red pair on Xiumin!



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    How can I buy this?

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