Beauty Review: Skinfood Quinoa Rich Body Milk


Even though it’s spring, the weather is still pretty dry where I am. So I went to a local Skinfood store to see if they had anything that might help. One of the girls working there recommended this Quinoa Rich Body Milk to me, so I tried it out! According to Skinfood’s description of the product, “ Also known as the “Super-grain of the Incas”, quinoa has a nutritional profile that is at least equal to that of milk as far as proteins, starch, vitamins and minerals go. When applied topically, it effectively relieves dryness and promotes skin’s beauty.”

Packaging: Well, it’s a regular lotion bottle with a pump. The bottle is very large, like a shampoo bottle, so that’s a lot of product you get for your money, and the label’s really cute!

Product: I didn’t know what a “milk” was supposed to be– I was worried it was going to be pretty liquid-y, but it’s close to the consistency of an emulsion cream. Slightly creamier than that, even– “milky” is definitely an accurate description for it. It had a really nice scent that I can’t place, and absorbs into your skin pretty quickly. Even when it was just sitting on my arm though, it didn’t feel very oily or sticky like some lotions.

Overall: I really loved this product! It helped with my skin dryness a lot, and I love how it wasn’t heavy and sticky like a lot of other hand creams and lotions I’ve tried. The best comparison I can make is that after you put it on, it really feels like you poured milk or some kind of liquid on yourself; no oiliness at all. I only wish there were a smaller version of it so I could carry it around with me.

Rating: 5/5!!

You can get this product direct from Amazon here!


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