Airport Fashion: EXO Chen heading to Taiwan for SMTown Live

20150320_kfashionista_exo_chen3 20150320_kfashionista_exo_chen2

On March 20 the members of EXO could be seen at Incheon International Airport on their way to Taiwan for SMTOWN Live World Tour IV! For the flight, Chen could be seen wearing an Acapulco Gold Dapper ‘Lo Bear Crewneck Sweatshirt ($100 $70) which features four embroidered bears across the chest. These aren’t just any bears, but suit-wearing, baseball bat toting bad ass bears. Chen also wore a Loups Blancs Greedy Wolf Snapback ($32) as part of his airport fashion.

20150320_kfashionista_acapulco_gold 20150320_kfashionista_loupsblancs

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