VIXX Ken “Love Equation” Style

20150309_kfashionista_vixx_ken2 20150309_kfashionista_vixx_ken3

Boy group VIXX has recently made their first comeback of 2015 with the release of Boys’ Record, which features the title track “Love Equation”. The boys proved their popularity by sweeping this week’s music programs, taking home a total of six trophies for their latest single. For “Love Equation” promotions, Ken has been seen wearing a top from Korean brand 87mm. The white S.L.A Sweatshirt ($n/a) has been seen in the official MV and on stage at Inkigayo. It features black striped accents and the phrase “Seoul Like Abnormal” is embroidered on the front.


(VIXX Facebook [1], SBS [1])

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