Beauty Review: Lioele Dollish Pearl Eyeliner

20150301_kfashionista_dollish2Hey Kfashionistas! Today, we’ll be reviewing Lioele’s Dollish Pearl Eyeliner.

Containing hyaluronic acid and soybean extract, this liner is meant to go on your lower lashline, to emphasize aegyo-sal (that’s the puffy under-eye fat deposits that are obvious on many stars, such as SNSD’s Seohyun!). According to the official description, “Radiant pearl sparkles, create a shimmering and girly look that will make your eyes look bright and charming.”

So, let’s see how it actually works out!

It came exactly as shown in the image above. Nothing particularly unique, but nothing wrong with it either, so no complaints! At first I was surprised by how small the “bottle” portion was compared with the enormous cap, but… well, it made sense later! The brush is very easy to use and picks up a ton of product at once.


Here’s a comparison before shot.


One application later….


It’s so, so intensely sparkly! The photo doesn’t do it justice, and this is just after one swipe for each eye. Completely understood why the product size was pretty small then, because a little bit of it went a very long way!


I ended up taking a small eyeshadow brush to it and blurring it around, to make it look a little more subtle. Yet still not very subtle.


This is a product that is exactly and intensely what it says, a very sparkly white eyeliner. However, I find it unwearable without having another brush on hand, because seriously, it looked like I had white-out under my eyes. And as mentioned, the liner is very easy to pick up with the brush, so if you aren’t careful, it’s easy to glob on too much at once! It goes without saying that this liner is not suited for more natural looks, unless you’re extremely, extremely careful with only using a tiny amount, in which case, you may be better off with a lighter product to begin with. It does look very stunning in photos, which is something many sparkly liners I’ve tried in the past haven’t been able to do well; most of them barely show up on camera at all! So high points on going above and beyond on delivering an effective product, minus a few for being a little too extreme. This is a pretty unique product, for its concentrated factor if nothing else, so if you’re looking for the most glittery eyeliner in existence, this is for you!

Rating: 3/5

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