Lizzy’s “Goodbye PMS” Style


Afterschool and Orange Caramel member Lizzy recently did a solo collaboration with comedian Park Myung Soo for a comedic song and mv called Goodbye PMS! While initially, many thought “PMS” only stood for the initials of “Park Myung Soo,” it turned out that Lizzy indeed sang an entire song about the troubles of premenstrual syndrome, and its annoying effects on many of us… such as overeating, pictured below.


In the video, while being tormented by a personified version of PMS, Lizzy can be seen wearing a hilarious sweater by Untitled&Co ($58) that expresses the sentiment of many while dealing with their periods. In some scenes, as above, it appears that Lizzy has also customized the sweater by adding some black heart-shaped cutouts!


The entire MV is linked below! Check it out for some painfully close to home laughs!

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