Amber’s “Shake That Brass” MV Style

Amber‘s solo debut is finally here! The f(x) member has released the MV for her title track “Shake That Brass” off of the mini-album Beautiful. The dance song features SNSD‘s Taeyeon, and the MV is just as fun as the tune! It is great to see the number of celebrity friends willing to support Amber’s solo and appear in the MV with her. There are several different colorful scenes in “Shake That Brass” and Amber’s fashion choices fit well with the concept while reflecting her boyish style.


In one scene where she is flanked by backup dancers, Amber wears the bright orange KTZ Mesh Cap-Sleeve Hoodie ($695). For the hilarious laundromat scene, she busts a move in a VFILES Sport Plus Moto Jersey ($105) and matching Moto Shorts ($88). The items are the same as one she wore in her teasers, but a different colorway. Another colorful item Amber wears is a 10 Deep Ceremonies Pullover ($86) which is covered in the flags of different nations including South Korea and USA!



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(SM Entertainment)


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