Infinite Sungkyu and L for High Cut Magazine

Infinite‘s Sungkyu and L recently paired up in a pictorial for the High Cut Magazine latest issue. The pictorial features the Infinite leader and Visual with casual, playful school boy looks. The duo sported various styles of backpacks from The North Face while showing their handsome good looks with effortlessly cool poses. Take a look at some of the items modeled by the Infinite members!

20150206_kfashionista_infinite_lsungkyuL – Lundy Jacket ($217), DTR 10G Running Shoes ($132) and Khaki Hexa Dome Backpack ($126) by The North Face; Sungkyu – Alan Zip Up Jacket ($72) and Turquoise Hexa Dome Backpack ($126) by The North Face, Joe Fresh Gingham Check Shirt ($39).

20150206_kfashionista_infinite_sungkyu Sungkyu – The North Face Graffiti Backpack ($107), Munsoo Kwon Varsity Brushed Tartan Check Jacket ($270)

20150206_kfashionista_infinite_lsungkyu2Sungkyu – KTZ Ancient Greek Print T-shirt ($237), Rick Owens Leather Boots ($1026), The North City Intercity Large Backpack ($130); L – KTZ Mesh Oversized Jacket ($393), The North Face Rockey Backpack ($89)

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  • AZ

    as usual, north face give the best simple design for us. and for girl who want to look casual, you can choose the one. but, don’t forget about the bag size. when you have small body you must choose the another model ^^

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