Hani’s Style for Mad Clown’s “Fire” MV

Korean hip hop artist Mad Clown recently made a comeback with the mini-album Piece of Mine which includes the title track “Fire”. The song features unique vocals from Jinsil of Mad Soul Child, however the MV has Hani from EXID “performing” these lines instead. “Fire” is about a man driven crazy by his girlfriend, but he stays with her anyway. The MV illustrates this contentious relationship perfectly, with Hani smashing Mad Clown’s things and Karate face-offs followed by snuggling and hand-holding (albeit, in handcuffs…). When Hani takes a golf club to Mad Clown’s laptop, she can be seen wearing a 91,2 Young Cycle Girls Skirt with its red “Mini Skirts” patch.

20150203_kfashionista_madclown_hani3 20150203_kfashionista_madclown_hani4

For another scene in the MV Hani matches the black and white concept of the video by wearing a pair of items from KTZ. She wears a Faux Fur Jacket ($920 $460) from the Fall 2014 collection, along with Graphic Print Faux Fur Gloves ($625 $375) from the same collection. Though the MV was shot in black and white, behind the scenes photos show that one of Hani’s ensembles was actually extremely colorful. She wore a Graphic Print Dress ($550) and matching Combo Leather Biker Jacket ($823) from Korean brand Greedilous.


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