Hyuna’s “Cold Rain” MV Style

Ahead of their February 9 comeback, the girl group 4minute has surprised fans with a MV for the pre-release track “Cold Rain”. The ballad is a departure from their usual dance releases and features the girls singing forlornly about being naive and in love. “Cold Rain” utilizes dreary weather befitting the title, and 4minute’s fashion lends to the chilly feel. The members all wear various forms of knitwear and furs throughout the MV.


For Hyuna‘s part, she could be seen wearing several items from Opening Ceremony. While sitting on the leather chair, Hyuna wore a blue Felted Bubble Turtleneck Sweater ($402) with a Terazzo Front Snap Skirt from the same brand ($345 $104). At the end of the MV, she also wore Opening Ceremony’s Striped Fur Sweater ($839).


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(4minute Official [1]) 

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