Jessica Jung at Li-Ning Fan Sign Events


Jessica Jung‘s passion for fashion design is no secret, since she serves as head designer for her own label BLANC & ECLARE — but this isn’t the only brand she is involved with! Jessica is capitalizing on her popularity in China by collaborating with the country’s leading sports brand Li-Ning. The Li-Ning x Jessica line presents trendy sportswear and the current collection includes cute skirted puffer jackets, funky sneakers and colorful floral, tribal and camouflage prints.


The popular Kpop star is also  Li-Ning’s brand ambassador, modeling items for seasonal lookbooks and attending various events. On January 24, Jessica was performing her spokesmodel duties with a fan sign event at a shop in Chengdu. During this gathering, she participated in a ribbon-cutting and then perused the displayed merchandise before sitting down to sign autographs for fans. She wore a Li-Ning Track Jacket with a peach and beige camouflage and hibiscus flower print. The very next day Jessica was at it again, this time visiting the Nanjing shop. She wore a peach Li-Ning Camp & Travel Hoodie ($53) at this event.



(Li-Ning Weibo [1]) 

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