Airport Fashion: 2PM Jun.K heading to Japan

20150125_kfashionista_2pm_junk2 20150125_kfashionista_viviennewestwood_anglomania

The members of 2PM were making their way through Gimpo Airport to catch a flight to Japan. The group are heading there to promote their latest Japanese single “Guilty Love” which is due for release on January 28. Japanese fans are eagerly anticipating this release, pushing “Guilty Love” to the top of Tower Records pre-order charts! For the flight, Jun.K could be seen wearing a Sea Creature Robinson Crusoe jacket ($1155 $578) from Vivienne Westwood Anglomania. The singer also sported a sweater and clutch with a “JUNZO” logo. These items appear to be birthday presents from his fans, combining Jun.K with the brand KENZO, and changing the tiger to a panda, befitting his nickname!

(Newsen [1])


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