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Rookie girl group Purfles made their debut this past October with the single “1,2,3” and now the trio has taken part in an interview and pictorial for media outlet International BNT. Photo shoots for International BNT always feature an abundance of Korean brands, especially the trendy label StyleNanda. The Purfles shoot is no different, and shows the girls styled in many items from the StyleNanda exclusive label Kindly Kitsch & XOXO, also known as KKXX. Check out the details of what Gunhee, Wooyoung and Eunyong wore for the feature!

20150110_kfashionista_purfles3 20150110_kfashionista_purfles6

StyleNanda Striped Faux Fur Crop Jacket ($78), KKXX Benjamin Cropped Tee ($43), StyleNanda Mesh Ruffle Mini Skirt ($50), KKXX Drips Logo Cropped Tee ($40), StyleNanda Leather Mini Skirt ($26), KKXX Mac n Cheese Cropped Tee ($36), StyleNanda Speech Bubble Flare Skirt ($32)

20150110_kfashionista_purfles9 20150110_kfashionista_purfles8

20150110_kfashionista_purfles7 20150110_kfashionista_purfles5

KKXX Patch Sweatshirt ($89), KKXX Sweatshirt ($91), Rock Revival Mint Skinny Jeans ($117), Rock Revival Anabela White Skinny Jeans ($128)

Purfles Items from Photo Shoot

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