After School’s Dragon TV Style

On the 31st, After School continued their Chinese media presence by performing at the Dragon TV New Year’s Eve Concert. The girls were all dressed in sporty red and black clothes from Beijing-based designer ChiZhang. This designer was also featured on the show Muse Dress, which Nana participated in.


Though the items they’re wearing are not currently on ChiZhang’s Chinese language webshop, his latest collection sports the same red and white colorscheme. It is most likely that these are pieces custom-made for After School’s performance of the Chinese hit “Little Apple,” as his accompanying SNS message reads, “So it turns out that Little Apple in ChiZhang could turn out looking so trendy!”

Given how cute their outfits are, we hope that ChiZhang will release these designs for public sale eventually!

(ChiZhang [1])

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