Lim Kim Performs on The Show


Earlier this year, Lim Kim and Eddy Kim teamed up to sing “Roommate” for the variety show Roommate‘s OST. The pair reunited this week for The Show‘s special Kpop Winter Festival episode that featured several special performances. They combined their sweet vocals for a rendition of “Hey Fox”. The oft-covered song was originally released by due The Classic back in the 90’s. For the stage, Lim Kim could be seen wearing a Floral Neoprene Dress ($388) from another popular twosome – Korean designers Steve J & Yoni P!

20141230_kfashionista_limkim2 20141230_kfashionista_stevejyonip

Check out Lim Kim and Eddy Kim’s performance on The Show’s official page!

(StarJN [1][2]) 

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