Rise of the cheap! IU and Kang Sora

It seems that days in which the red carpet was the place for opulence and haute couture are gone… Well, that is good news for anyone who wishes to dress just like their favorite idols on such important occasions. This 2014 Melon Awards and MAMA, which are important events in the Hallyu culture, witnessed two outfits that have gone beyond all expectations.

This new “trend” started at the 2014 Melon Awards, on November 13th, when IU walked the red carpet wearing a long, floral dress by none other than H&M! She caught everyone’s attention with her cheap dress, although nobody knew it was just the beginning. On December 3rd, Kang Sora attended the Mnet Asian Music Awards wearing another dress by H&M! She received both positive and negative comments as well.

IU’s Cut-out dress ($24.95)


Kang Sora’s Off-the -shoulder lace dress ($29.95)

20141209_kafshionista_KangSora2 20141209_kafshionista_H&M2

Even though this may have been just an ephemeral trend, it is certainly something any fashionista should be aware of! Some people have praised their looks; some have disregarded their style, and some are still open-mouthed. What do you think? Will this trend last or is this just a once-in-a-fashion-lifetime coincidence?

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