Who wore it better? Tiffany vs Minho

It has become pretty common for brands to use the same prints both for men and women. Korean brand Arche is not the exception this Winter. Let’s travel a little back in time. Remember The Taetiseo‘s press conference, long ago, on August 22nd? Tiffany wore a long, white shirt dress by Arche. Now, let’s set the fashion time machine at present. Ceci‘s December issue (both for Korea and China) features a production with Shinee (you can have a look at it here) and, in one of the pictures… yes, Minho is wearing a black shirt with the exact same pattern!

Although we do not mean to compare a man with a woman, it is impossible not to wonder who wore it better… Tiffany’s dress looks girly and pure. Minho, on the other hand, has a stylish, manly look.


A white angel vs. a black angel… Who whore it better?

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