2PM Taecyeon’s Hello Counselor Style

20141119_kfashionista_2pmDuring an episode of KBS’ Hello Counselor that aired in October, 2PM members, Taecyeon, Wooyoung and Jun. K appeared on the show as special guests along with Ha Chunhwa, who is known as the legendary queen of the K-pop indusry. At the beginning of the show, the boys showed a sneak peek of their addictive biker dance from their latest title track, “Go Crazy?”. The topics this talk show discussed included a daughter whose mom is constantly cooking extremely spicy food for every meal, a clingy girlfriend who is always stalking his boyfriend, and a wife who is obsessed with blogging. On this episode, Wooyoung also revealed that his role as the nagging mother when he was living in the dorms with other 2PM members as he likes to keep cleanliness around him. Taecyeon can be seen wearing a V-neck Jacquard cardigan($380) from Iceberg, a luxury fashion design house from Italy, pairing it with a simple white t-shirt underneath.

20141119_kfashionista_2pm_taecyeon 20141119_kfashionista_iceberg
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