Who wore it better? Ryeowook vs. Kiseop

October, 21st. The sweater Super Junior‘s Ryeowook wore for Sukira melted everyone’s hearts. A red, cute knit with a Mickey Mouse print. An adorable garment worn by an adorable man.


November, 11th. Almost a month later, U-Kiss‘s Kiseop uploaded two pictures on his Twitter account, with a message for his followers celebrating Pepero Day, wearing… yes, the VERY same sweater. By the way, that gwiyomi is the perfect match, isn’t it?


This charming Mickey Mouse knit is part of the WHOLEHAUSS winter collection and can be found on Lotte Duty Free’s website ($105). Deciding who wore it better is a complex process consisting of: looking at Ryeowook, sighing, thinking “He wore it better,” then looking at Kiseop, sighing, thinking “No, he wore it better,” then looking at Ryeowook again… Undoubtedly, it is a tie.


Let us know who you think wore this sweater the best!

(Tumblr [1], Kiseop’s Twitter [1]) 

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