Seoul Fashion Week: Kwak Hyun Joo Spring/Summer 2015

For Seoul Fashion Week in October, Kwak Hyun Joo debuted her upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 collection “Tears Flow”. Fans of this Korean designer can expect her collections to feature two things — bold graphic prints and lots of embellishments! The “Tears Flow” collection uses both of these elements throughout. Kwak Hyun Joo incorporated the show’s theme of “tears flow like rain” into the graphics that were used. Some designs featured glittery tear shapes, all-over eye prints, or dripping faucets and umbrellas. Many pieces also had snap and zipper details. Spring collections are often in lighter color schemes to match the brighter season and Kwak Hyun Joo chose to use various pastels and pales shades. Periwinkle, lavender, sage and pink were just a few of the colors seen. Models walked the runway to poppy mash-up tracks like Destiny’s Child X Prince, and each wore a crystal tear reminiscent of JYP‘s “No Love No More” style. Check out some of the looks from the show!

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Kwak Hyun Joo is a popular designer among Korean celebrities, and her label regular sponsors fashion items on both Drama and Variety shows. Many stars were in attendance for the Seoul Fashion Week show and wore items from the current Fall 2014 collection. Idol group Sistar has a long standing relationship with Kwak Hyun Joo, regularly wearing her designs to various events, so it was expected that members would be at this show; Dasom and Bora represented Sistar in the front row.

20141104_kfashionista_sistar_dasom 20141104_kfashionista_sistar_bora

20141104_kfashionista_bada 20141104_kfashionista_clara

Clara and Bada could be seen in similar designs from the “Hip Hop Soldier” collection. The bold nutcracker print was on a sleeveless dress for Bada, while Clara wore a skirt and peplum top combo. The same top was also worn by Soyeon during T-ara‘s “Sugar Free” promotions. Rainbow‘s Jaekyung was this season’s Seoul Fashion Week fixture, and Kwak Hyun Joo was just another one of the shows she attended. Child actress Kim So Hyun was also at the show, wearing a black and white look from the current line.

20141104_kfashionista_rainbow_jaekyung 20141104_kfashionista_kimsohyun

Girls weren’t the only ones having fun! Kwak Hyun Joo designs for both men and women, and several male stars came to see the new collection. Jay Park brought the hip-hop to “Hip Hop Soldier”, wearing a pair of brightly printed trousers with a white sweatshirt and a few choice pieces of bling. Korea’s new variety star Kangnam of M.I.B. wore a black and white look that featured an all-over crest print. Other guys who attended the show were Minhyun and Ren of Nu’est and actor No Min Woo.

20141104_kfashionista_jaypark 20141104_kfashionista_mib_kangnam

20141104_kfashionista_nuest_minhyun_ren 20141104_kfashionista_nominwoo

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