Who wore it better? Taetiseo vs. Suzy

On October 28th , Taetiseo attended the 2014 Style Icon Awards. The three girls were photographed wearing different outfits by Blumarine. However, Tiffany and Seohyun‘s dresses have been seen before… on the same girl! So, the battle between Girls’ Generation‘s sub-unit and Suzy begins…

Round 1: Tiffany vs. Suzy

2011104_kfashionista_missa_suzy2 2011104_kfashionista_taetiseo_tiffany

Suzy can be seen with the dress on the cover of Ceci magazine’s October issue. Nevertheless, even though Tiffany looks as flawless in such an extravagant dress, Suzy’s make up and body help her look a little more feminine and sexier. Thus, this round goes for Miss A‘s maknae.

Round 2: Seohyun vs. Suzy


Seohyun, on the other hand, walked on the red carpet with the dress Suzy wore for Panthere de Cartier‘s 100th anniversary, on October 16th. Luckily for Seohyun, this dress is not as flamboyant as the previous one, so she is certainly a tough match for Suzy. Both look elegant, young and polished. Definitely a tie!

A hard battle… Who wore it better?

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