MC Mong “Miss Me or Diss Me” MV Style

MC Mong is well known for his mandatory national service controversy, which lead to a five-year hiatus from the entertainment industry. The once-popular Hip Hop artist and variety star made a comeback this week with a full-length studio album Miss Me or Diss Me, featuring the title track of the same name. Songs from the album topped charts immediately upon release, showing how much MC Mong was missed in the industry.  While MC Mong’s friends and fans are happy that he is back, his return is still a hot-button issue in Korea.


The MV for “Miss Me or Diss Me” is very symbolic and full of emotion, showing MC Mong isolated, lonely and in obvious turmoil. It appears that no expenses were spared in both the visually stunning MV and the wardrobe that MC Mong wore in it. Some of the pricey pieces he could be seen wearing include a Thom Browne Oak Leaf Print Blazer ($2120), Saint Laurent‘s Black & White Houndstooth Mohair Coat ($4150) and a Lad Musician Black and Blue Flower Scratch Print Cardigan ($465).



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Are you happy with MC Mong’s return, or do you wish he would have remained on haitus?

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