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Cosmopolitan‘s November issue features none other than Shinee‘s flower boy, Minho. The magazine interviewed him some days before the beginning of Shinee’s current tour in Japan (a total of 30 concerts held in 20 cities), in which the group will promote their 3rd Japanese album I’m Your Boy. The questions were related to his career, his personal life and thoughts, Shinee’s activities and the tour itself. Among his upcoming plans and hopes for his future, Minho talked about how he’d like to find a balance between his position as a Shinee member, and as 24-year-old man. The complete transcript of the interview (translated into English) can be found here.

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It’s Shinee’s “Flaming Charisma” in Europe’s “Freezing Capital”! The photoshoot for the interview took place in the city of Helsinki, Finland. “I was nervous the day before leaving and I couldn’t sleep. It’s my first time going to Europe by myself,” said Minho. In spite of his nerves, he did a splendid job in front of the camera. Leaving his Shinee-self aside, yet not losing the spark, he posed as a mature man in several winter outfits. However, even though he can be seen wearing different coats and jackets, the prevalent colors are blue, black and gray. Minho affirmed he truly enjoyed his trip to Finland, and did not forget at all to thank his fans, hoping that they will continue supporting him.


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