Ladies’ Code’s “Kiss Kiss” MV style

This is the first post featuring Ladies’ Code on Kfashionista. Ladies’ Code has been gaining popularity since their debut with  the mini-album Code#1 and lead track “Bad Girl”, which was released on March 7, 2013. Following their successful debut, they released “Hate You”, “Pretty Pretty”, “So Wonderful” and “Kiss Kiss”. “Kiss Kiss” was the last release featuring members EunB and RiSe, who were killed in a car accident in September. The music video for “Kiss Kiss” was released on August 6, 2014, featuring all of the members trying to get the man lying in the coffin to wake up and kiss them. In the MV, the girls wore Peter Jensen‘s S/S 2014 “Diana” collection. Peter Jensen is a London-based fashion designer that has gained admiration from various high profile western pop stars such as Rihanna, Kanye West and more. His “Diana” collection is entirely inspired by Diana Ross, a successful American singer and actress.


Sojung is looking chic with Peter Jensen buttoned shirt in lips print ($N/A) and a black sun hat . RiSe has worn the Peter Jensen smock dress in lips print from the collection ($582 $349). EunB was wearing the Peter Jensen Julie sweatshirt in Diana Ross print ($203 $140) while Zuny was wearing the Peter Jensen Julie dress in Diana Ross print ($379 $265). All items above from Peter Jensen S/S 2014 “Diana” collection are currently out of stock.

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