Get the Look! – Orange Caramel My Copycat


Hello, Kfashionista readers! Are you ready for Halloween? If you don’t have a costume yet, how about dressing up like Orange Caramel in their Where’s Waldo inspired recent comeback, My Copycat? You can find a similar shirt to their red and white striped Waldo sweater on Forever 21‘s site ($10). For their skirts, you can pick them up from Yesstyle, from either brand Orange Bear ($34) for Lizzy‘s overall style, or brand Migunstyle ($24) for Nana and Raina‘s suspender style. Their boots can be found at H&M ($35), and their pink socks at Sock Dreams ($7).


We are also currently partnered with YesAsia to give away one copy of Orange Caramel’s single My Copycat. Be sure not to miss out on this lucky chance!

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  • Po Louis
    Hello, I really want to know the brand name of Lizzy’s shirt in My copycat practice dance. Can you help me to find it? Thank you so much

    • gangnam unni

      it’s pancoat i believe

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