CNBlue Yonghwa & Minhyuk for Esquire November

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In November’s issue, Esquire magazine proudly presents two charming modern-day princes. They are none other than Jung Yonghwa and Kang Minhyuk, members of the popular band CNBlue, promoting the new collection for Fossil Watches. The photoshoot features several different looks, which range from chic urban (with denim shirts and casual sweaters), to classy and professional (with blazers and suits), all in this season’s trendy colors: cognac, cobalt, yellow and deep red.

20141022_kfashionista_CNBlue_Minhyuk 20141022_kfashionista_CNBlue_Yonghwa3

Fossil offers in this collection watches for every style. These range from metallic to leather and, even though they are supposed to be the highlights, it is practically impossible not to pay attention to the boys’ captivating faces as well. Yonghwa and Minhyuk have successfully pulled off an elegant, yet classic style for Esquire‘s photoshoot.

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