The TaeTiSeo – Tiffany’s airport bag

Who has not at least once wondered what is inside Tiffany’s bag whenever we see her at the airport? Well, thanks to The TaeTiSeo, that secret is finally revealed. In episode 5, the girls take a trip to New York, and Tiffany dedicates some of her time to show what she packs on her bag when she boards a plane. And we find exactly what we were expecting. Pink, pink, and… a little more pink!

First, she lists her top 4 items for a flight:
1- pouch
2- toothbrush
3- earphones
4- book

Among other things (a pink portable charger, a pink tablet case, etc.), she shows a pink pouch by Victoria’s Secret, in which she keeps a pillbox with vitamins, pain and headache medication.


Another highlight are her (obviously pink, again) headphones, by Beats by Dr. Dre ($199)


Perfectly prepared for a long flight, Tiffany’s bag is a good example of a stylish, yet practical way of packing for a trip overseas.

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