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With Halloween just around the corner, Kfashionista is pleased to bring you our latest Giveaway! Our sponsor YesAsia, the leading online retailer for Asian entertainment, has provided us with a copy of Orange Caramel‘s most recent single album “My Copycat” for us to award one lucky Kfashionista reader! To enter the contest, simply leave us a comment below and let us know who in Kpop you would dress up as for Halloween and then fill out the entry form. A winner will be chosen at random on October 31.

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  • Yuan Han

    2NE1’s CL cause since it is Halloween, i should dress up as someone with a style with is totally different from my usual style!

  • https://twitter.com/viviolalee ☆ VIOLA ☆

    HYUNA (4MINUTE) ^^

  • Nana

    I was quite inspired by Orange Caramel’s “Catallena” so I thought, I’d go as sushi on Halloween. Wearing a white long sleeve shirt and using an orange pillow with black duct tape.

  • Rini

    I would copycat… Yoari, so maybe I could sing like her. It’d be fun to wear an orange wig too. :D

  • Lyra

    I’ll probably go as a vampire~! uwu

  • Francesca

    i would dress as G dragon because he always has the wierd-ish unique but cool outfits :D

  • Elizabeth

    Mmmmm, I would dress up as Jiyeon ^^

  • Lina

    I would go as Shinee- you could take it literally and go as tin-foil lol

  • Rose Park

    I would dress up as T-ara from Bo Peep Bo Peep or Bunny Style and also the fashionista GD!! <3

  • MOmoko

    woow…Minzy (2NE1) is my fav!!! I love her style !!! She’s the best !!

  • lee liet


  • sapphire kwek

    After school nana

  • amber quek

    g dragon from his heartbreaker mv

  • kelly qwek

    maybe sohee

  • rose beah

    i think sunny in IGAB era is good

  • kira

    haha yunho from tri-angle? i think i can recreate the feathers he wore around his left eye

  • kpop lee

    hyuna from volume up mv? their dress and dark makeup look fine

  • ann kim


  • kelvin


  • Salsabila A Wijaya

    wearing epik high’s costume in MAMA 2012 perfomance don’t hate me :D

  • Clera Carreon

    of course Orange caramel’s Raina coz she’s my bias! in their “my copycat” MV, with her ‘waldo’ inspired costume :D

  • Styllllllll!

    Orange caramel’s Nana coz she rocks!! Either her waldo’s costume in my copycat or one of the sushi’s costume in Catallena :p

  • Tatiana Villamil

    I would like to dress any of Orange caramel costumes!! *0*
    all of them are quite amazing and super funny, like catallena’s or Abing abing adorables costumes! :3

  • Georgia Zielinski

    Oh, I’d like to dress as Raina dressed as Elsa in this live performance!! The dress is cuter and fluffier than the original and because, of course, Raina is just WAY TOO ADORABLE! I wish I could be as cute as her with this costume https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBKOAbepCSI

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  • AH

    I’d be miss Catallena herself, as a giant octopus!

  • Assunta Cammarota

    I’d totally go for a chep, gender bender GD! His look is perfect for a halloween party! XD Also, I like having my hair in pretty colours too!

  • Monica Cammarota

    nana, cause she is so fab,i’m gonna get lots of candies

  • Andrea Castello

    I d surely choose nana she s perfect for a halloween party

  • disqus_PttZqQS8mO

    I’d love to choose Nana because she’s so gooooood and fab o//

  • reazione a catena

    U-KNOW time! I’d treat myself with one of those gorgeous suits from TVXQ’s Keep your head Down MV. Or maybe, I can go with one of GG’s suit from Mr Mr. They’re both awesome

  • http://twilightbizarre.tumblr.com/ TwilightBizarre

    I’d dress up as either a sushi or a mermaid from Orange Caramel’s Catallena :D But probably Lizzy cause I wouldn’t have to die my hair then haha it would be awesome actually ^^

  • Linda

    For Halloween, I would dress up as Lizzy from Orange Caramel. My two friends would be dressed up as Raina and Nana. We’d dress up in Waldo costumes to copy Orange Caramel’s My Copycat concept! :)

  • MadeinPerfection

    For this coming halloween i would dress up as Nana of After School/Orange Caramel.Im gonna be a scary doll.I will use the catallena dress and put some blood and stitch make up :)

  • Roberto Russotti

    EXO were really cool in their Overdose’s outfit, so I’d pick one of them

  • Claudia


  • Amalia

    Nana is the prittiest.

  • ninya

    I would probably wear “snow white costume” like Nana and her big red bow in the picture. That will be an amazing dress up for halloween.

  • Assunta Cammarota

    So … is it over? Will you announce the winner?

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