Heechul – Skullhong style


Scrolling through his Instagram page, we find two interesting facts about Super Junior‘s Heechul:

1- He likes Skullhong‘s clothes

2- He knows how to get the best out of them

The first piece of his collection is a purple and green logo tank top ($32). Apparently, he takes every chance to put it on. In the first picture, it is worn as sleepwear — although only someone like Heechul can look stylish with that messy hair! In the latter, as a perfectly placed garment in a green + red total look with pants in the same shade of green, plus red matching jacket and shoes.


Number two is a logo T-shirt with a teeth print on the neck ($37), and last but not least is Skullhong’s clutch in yellow and black (approx. $70).The designer behind Skullhong is none other than FT Island‘s Lee Hongki, and Heechul has done a perfect job as a promoter. He has proved he can pull of a street-style look; a more serious, chic one, and even wear it in bed and still look formidable. Now, take another look at all the pictures. You will find something interesting about these outfits. (Hint: look at his shoes and his pants again!)


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(Heechul on Instagram [1])


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