Airport Fashion: Apink Bomi heads to Taiwan

20141016_kfashionista_apink_bomi3 20141016_kfashionista_apink_bomi2

On October 11 the girls of Apink hopped a flight to Taiwan where they were scheduled to perform at the Samsung Charity Concert. Apink flew out of Incheon Airport, and for the trip Bomi looked like any other regular college-aged girl. She wore a Tomboy Baseball Jumper ($263) over an animal print tee and cut-off shorts. Bomi also carried a C-QUATRE Quilted Clutch from COURONNE ($344). This purse is from the same collection as Minho’s backpack, worn a few days earlier when SHINee flew home from Japan.

20141016_kfashionista_tomboy 20141016_kfashionista_couronne

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