Who wore it better? TaeTiSeo vs. After School’s Lizzy


The item: Suspender shorts, by 3sum by James Jeans.

On October 3, KBS Music Bank held a special stage at the 2014 Osong International Bio Industry Expo. The three members of Girls’ Generation sub-unit TaeTiSeo went on stage wearing this pair of shorts along with different, yet plain shirts –dark blue for Taeyeon, white for Tiffany and light denim for Seohyun. About a week later, on October 11, at Busan Sasang Riverside Festival, matching her fellow members outfits, After School’s Lizzy performed on the very same pair, but with a white, printed T-shirt instead.

20141013_kfashionista_afterschool_lizzy 20141013_kfashionista_3sum

So, the question is… Who wore it better? Considering how classic and simple both outfits were –denim and white vs. more denim and white, and how trendy both TaeTiSeo and Lizzy look despite this, I think we can agree it is a tie! Do you want to add them to your own closet? You can, at 3sum’s webpage ($180).

Let us know who you think wore it better!


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