Seohyun Teases TaeTiSeo’s “Holler”

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TaeTiSeo recently made a comeback with their new single “Holler”. Ahead of the release, the SNSD sub-unit released teaser images for each of the members. In a few of Seohyun‘s shots, the maknae can be seen wearing what appears to be a StyleNanda Crop Top ($16), however the text phrase around the hem indicates that she is actually wearing a knock-off from DAPINKRUBBISH ($18). The bustier-styled top with text  around the hem was admittedly inspired by StyleNanda, but features the phrase “DON’T WANT EASE” instead of “I DON’T WANT EASY”. The original from StyleNanda has previously been seen on several other Kpop stars. Labelmate Luna wore the black top in shots from her International BNT pictorial and T-ara‘s Jiyeon wore the white version during her solo promotions earlier this year.

snsd taetiseo seohyun kpop fashion 20140919_kfashionista_dapinkrubbish

(SM Entertainment)


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