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140828 rainbow kpop fashion

On August 28, girl group Rainbow performed at the 2014 Woongji University Festival, where they performed some of their previous singles like “A”, “Mach” and “Tell Me Tell Me”. The girls took the stage in casual looks that would be appropriate attire for any student in attendance as well! Six of the members wore different t-shirt styles from the Korean brand Feltics which has several collaboration collections with other popular franchises.

140828 rainbow kpop fashion 140828 rainbow kpop fashion

Hyun Young was in a shirt from the Marvel Comics collaboration. Her Marvel Shield Tee ($37) has a graphic of Captain America’s sheild on it, a symbol associated with The Avengers. Three other members could be seen in shirts featuring recognizable characters from Disney! Yoon Hye wore a Mickey Face Tee ($37) and Noeul also sported the famous mouse with a Classic Mickey Tee ($37). Jisook, still wore a Disney collaboration item, but opted for a Mike Tee ($37) with the one-eyed character most recently seen in Monsters University.

140828 rainbow kpop fashion 140828 rainbow kpop fashion

Seung Ah and Woori wore similar tops from the Spring/Summer 2014 Feltics line. Woori wore a White HYPE Tee ($41) and Seung Ah was in a Black HYPE Cropped Tee ($34). A white version of the HYPE Cropped Tee was recently worn by Orange Caramel’s Lizzy. Jae Kyung was the lone member of Rainbow who did not wear a tee from Feltics. She could be seen instead wearing a sheer black tank.

140828 rainbow kpop fashion 140828 rainbow kpop fashion

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