Block B P.O’s Sailor Style

block b po her kpop fashion block b po her kpop fashion

Block B was one of several Kpop acts to participate in the recent 2014 Famine + Donation Concert, a charity event put on by music program THE SHOW. When Block B performed their single “HER” the members all appeared to wear very different styles, but upon closer inspection, a theme could be found among the stage looks. Taeil, B-Bomb and U-Kwon all wore items that featured sea creatures, so P.O‘s sailor-inspired ensemble was a very clever tie-in. P.O was wearing a Sailor Double Jacket ($340) and coordinating Line Shorts ($76) from the Korean brand Charm’s.

20140907_kfashionista_charms 20140907_kfashionista_charms2

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