Secret Hana’s Photo Shoot for International BNT


The members of Secret have been busy promoting their latest single “I’m In Love” from their Secret Summer EP. Kpop promotions are synonymous with photo shoots, and rapper Hana took part in a pictorial for the media outlet International BNT. She showed off various styles in the shoot, donning a veil for a bridal look and rocking a mic for a very fitting pop star style. In the accompanying interview, Hana discussed what she does when Secret’s not promoting as well as giving insight on her decision to drop the stage name Zinger. Take a look at the details of Hana’s shoot!

20140903_kfashionista_secret_hana4 20140903_kfashionista_secret_hana3

StyleNanda Ruched Gauze Tank Dress ($48), Tandy Silver Jeweled Pumps ($271), BYGAMI ‘Avril’ Necklace and Earring Bridal Set

20140903_kfashionista_secret_hana12 20140903_kfashionista_secret_hana6



NainGirl ‘Vera’ Knit Tank Top ($40)

20140903_kfashionista_secret_hana11 20140903_kfashionista_secret_hana10

StyleNanda Floral Lace Top ($74), StyleNanda Floral Lace Skirt ($52)

20140903_kfashionista_secret_hana9 20140903_kfashionista_secret_hana8 20140903_kfashionista_secret_hana7

LeShop Denim Volume Dress ($68), HALFHARD by Jhaos Half Gun Snapback ($150) BEKA & BELL Wristwatch ($163)

Hana’s Photo Shoot Items

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