Tip: Hyuna’s Sandals


Tip from: Jenny Chen

4minute member Hyuna has recently released her latest solo single “Red” and she’s been appearing on her own reality program Hyuna’s Free Month as part of the promotions for the track. During this period, the singer has been seen wearing a particular pair of sandals  — on her show, in posts on Instagram, and even in press photos. Thanks to a tip from a Kfashionista reader, we now know the identity of Hyuna’s favorite summer footwear. The black gladiator style sandals are Chanel Suede Chain Sandals which feature the label’s distinctive chain accents.

20140819_kfashionista_chanel 20140819_kfashionista_hyuna3

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  • moni

    do you know the brand of the bag she is wearing ?

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