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On July 1, Teen Top was one of the performers at the MBC Changwon Hope Concert. One reader was hoping to discover what member L.Joe was wearing during the concert. It is evident that many of the members are wearing the same brand, so finding L.Joe’s ensemble reveals the details on what C.A.P, Chunji, Niel and Changjo are wearing as well. L.Joe wears a Scatter Typo Tee ($80) and Double-Faced Shorts ($144) from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection of unbounded AWE.

20140729_kfashionista_teentop_ljoe2 20140729_kfashionista_teentop_chunji 20140729_kfashionista_teentop_cap

Similar prints can be seen on Chunji and C.A.P who wear the Scatter Typo Sweatshirt ($160) and Double-Faced Top ($144), respectively. Niel and Changjo also wear items from this unbounded AWE collection, though they aren’t quite as obvious. Changjo’s colorful sweatshirt and Niel’s funky print blazer are no longer for sale, but they were featured on the unbounded AWE runway at Seoul Fashion Week.

20140729_kfashionista_unboundedawe 20140729_kfashionista_teentop_changju

20140729_kfashionista_teentop_niel 20140729_kfashionista_unboundedawe2

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