Sistar Touch N Move B-Cut Fashion



Sistar has been receiving lots of love lately for their summer release “Touch My Body” from the mini-album Touch N Move. Recently a few b-cut images from the album jacket were released that featured the girls posing with a few shirtless football players. In one of the images, Soyu can be seen in a look that is sporty, yet girly featuring a crop top paired with a knee high sport socks and a sheer yellow skirt, a style that is very similar to one worn by Hyomin for her “Nice Body” teasers. The skirt is from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection of Kwak Hyun Joo. The members of Sistar are frequent collaborators with the Korean designer, and Hyorin can also be seen wearing a look from this collection. Her colorfully printed jacket and bodysuit are directly from the runway!

20140728_kfashionista_kwakhyunjoo 20140728_kfashionista_kwakhyunjoo2

(Inapad [1])

See more of Sistar in Kwak Hyun Joo:

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