Red Velvet Tease “Happiness”

red velvet kpop joy irene seulgi wendy

SM Entertainment made headlines for announcing that a new 4-member girl group would be making their debut in August. The group, dubbed Red Velvet, features SMRookies members Irene, Seulgi and Wendy as well as another SM trainee, Joy. Teaser images and a video clip have already started to be released featuring the girls to drum up excitement for their debut track “Happiness”. In one group teaser, Red Velvet can be seen wearing sailor inspired styles. In particular, Irene wears an Olympia Le Tan White Tee ($134 $67) and Seulgi is in an Olympia Le Tan Navy Sweatshirt ($430 $172). Both items feature a stylized Life Bouy Logo that features the initials of Olympia Le Tan. The bouy represents the “O”, an “L” is formed from a piece of rope and the “T” can be seen in the anchor.

20140728_kfashionista_olympialetan 20140728_kfashionista_olympialetan2

(Red Velvet Official Facebook [1]) 


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