Uee and Niel Serve Bananas in Style

teen top niel uee after school

To promote the latest edition of popular Korean reality show Law of the Jungle in Indian Ocean, the cast members held an event where they handed out roasted bananas to fans. Two of the new cast members for the Indian Ocean segment are After School‘s Uee and Teen Top‘s Niel, who worked the hot grills with their fellow members. The rest of Teen Top was also on hand to perform a song as part of the event.

uee after school kpop fashion uee after school kpop fashion

The idol pair were some of the best dressed banana roasters ever seen! Uee wore a nude drop-shoulder Fitted Feminine Tee ($125) with a pair of silver Metallic Jean Shorts ($194), both from Lucky Chouette. Niel wore a Tune Pocket Shirt ($234) and Wave Pants from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection of  The Studio K. Three Hundred lucky fans were able to attend this unique promotional event!

teen top niel kpop fashion teen top niel kpop fashion

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