Request: Kikwang’s Reversible Jacket

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Requested by: Carolina

Cube boy group Beast recently made their comeback with a new single “Good Luck” off of the EP of the same name. The group has been filming the realty program Showtime – Burning The BEAST to help promote their latest release. One reader wanted to know about a jacket spotted on Kikwang during the program’s episode 8, which aired on June 19. This unique jacket is a Reversible Nylon Coach Jacket from Wacko Maria ($319). One side of the jacket is black, with a “G” on the chest and the phrase “THE ROCK STEADY” in white lettering across the back; the other side is a red snow leopard print.



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  • Carolina

    hi~ only saw this today, thank you so much! ^~^
    as expected it’s really expensive… eh, i really wanted to buy it….

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