Lee Minwoo Covers EXO’s “Growl” in Perfect Style

Lee Minwoo, member of the legendary K-pop group Shinhwa, kicked off his solo tour in Seoul with a pair of concerts held on May 24 & 25. The 2014 M+TEN TOUR ‘M STEP’ had several special stages including a guest appearance from Eric for the performance of Minwoo’s most recent single “Taxi”. One stage that everyone is talking about is his cover of EXO‘s “Growl”! The song was rearranged to give it a funky, sexy vibe to better reflect the elder singer’s character, but his stage look would fit right in with the style of his hoobaes. Minwoo’s hip-hop style included a Hood By Air Hockey Button Down($700) in red and black.

shinhwa minwoo kpop fashion 20140530_kfashionista_hba
shinhwa minwoo kpop fashion

(Liveworks Company [1]) 

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