Song Ji Hyo’s Super Power Style on Running Man


On the latest episode of Running Man, the cast members revisited some of the favorite past episodes, giving them an opportunity to rewrite Running Man history. Some of the episodes they went back to included Yoomes Bond, Sherlock Holmes and the Super Power battle. For the final Super Power battle their powers were switched around from what they had previously been. Originally Gary had won this episode with the Duplicator Power and his gang of Lolols, but this time around the power was bestowed on Song Ji Hyo, his Monday Girlfriend! Song Ji Hyo was joined by three Lolol copies of herself, and all of them could be seen wearing the Feltics X Marvel Captain America Stadium Jacket ($96). Fellow Running Man member Ji Suk Jin also wore a jacket from this collaboration, but his was the Iron Man style ($96).

running man korean lolol song ji hyo

running man korean lolol 20140520_kfashionista_felticsXmarvel_ironman 

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